Asian Feastival is a one-day culinary festival and tasting event celebrating local, authentic Asian cuisines in Queens. Feastival goers will have the chance to see, taste and appreciate the diverse culinary landscape of Queens all in one place.

Curating a select group of Asian restaurants representing the best in the borough, Asian Feastival brings together a kaleidoscope of regional specialties ranging from piping hot Shanghainese soup dumplings and char grilled Thai satay to Filipino lechon and ube cake.

In addition to the tasting, there will be a variety of programs for those interested in learning more from the culinary experts. Programs will include moderated panel discussions, cooking demos, an on-site Asian farmer’s market, a food bike tour, and a guided culinary tour of Flushing.


Asian Feastival continues to strive at promoting the diverse foods and cuisines from Asia through experience and education. Currently, plans are under way for a more involved campaign and events in 2012.

Our decision is to focus our efforts on producing something that presents greatest value, meaning and impact, collaborating with strategic partners.

If you're interested in sharing your ideas, please contact us.

Please stay tuned, and deeply appreciate your continued interest and support of Asian Feastival.