I discovered Long Island City while looking for a venue for Chili Crab Festival in 2006. I practically fell in love with LIC at that moment, charmed by the magnificent river view from Gantry Park with the sun slowly setting over the Manhattan skyline. A year later, our family moved into a new condo in this neighborhood, leaving behind the bucolic Westchester suburban landscape. We officially became residents of Queens. Soon, I found many outstanding places to eat and shop, and became a de facto ambassador of our diverse borough, bringing chefs and food loving friends to eat authentic Asian cuisine and shop at the array of Asian markets found throughout the borough.

Asian Feastival is my vision of sharing these wonderful discoveries with more food enthusiasts: those who asked me which brand of fish sauce to buy, what is this funny looking fruit, where to have a Korean meal in the middle of the night, which place has great dim sum or where to enjoy the best Shanghainese soup dumplings. I do not have all the answers, but my large group of experts participating in the various programs will.

I am grateful to all my friends in the food industry, peers and colleagues, who have lent their unconditional support. I want to thank Leah McLaughlin of Edible Queens for giving me the courage to produce this event. Alex Peng, who has been the backbone and guiding light in our efforts to make this a top notch culinary event, which we truly hope will shed some light on the culinary treasures and talents in the borough. I deeply appreciate Mr. Tiem Va Ma, who shares my vision, and provided me with the impetus to aim at satisfying the sophisticated food enthusiasts. Thanks to the many culinary pals who are going to travel a distance just to be at this event, like Susanna Foo and Akira Back.

I hope all who appreciate an enjoyable epicurean adventure in the food destinations in Asia – whether Hong Kong, Seoul, Hanoi, Tokyo, Singapore, Shanghai, or Bangkok, will spend Labor Day Monday with me, to sample some of the most delicious dishes you’ll taste. Feel good that you are also making a contribution to the Food Bank for NYC. Also a big thanks to City Harvest, who will be rescuing whatever food surplus we will have at the conclusion of the event.



Asian Feastival continues to strive at promoting the diverse foods and cuisines from Asia through experience and education. Currently, plans are under way for a more involved campaign and events in 2012.

Our decision is to focus our efforts on producing something that presents greatest value, meaning and impact, collaborating with strategic partners.

If you're interested in sharing your ideas, please contact us.

Please stay tuned, and deeply appreciate your continued interest and support of Asian Feastival.