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Presenters from the Asian Feastival


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Asian Feastival, Sep.6, 2010

I met a lot of interesting people, tasted plenty of diverse, exotic food, and learned a lot about Asian vegetables. My mission for the event was to demonstrate 2 kinds of Korean kimchi making: perilla leaf kimchi and spicy stuffed cucumber kimchi.

One of my readers came up to me: “Maangchi! I’m your reader! Do you need any help?” His name was Samson Woo and he was a Asian Feastival volunteer.
“Sure, I may need your help!”
I asked Sam: “How long have you been my reader?”
He said: “For years! Long time.”
I asked: “Have you ever left any comment on my blog?”

“No, I’m a silent reader, but I’ve made some Korean food with your recipes.”

I was lucky to meet Sam there because I really needed his help. He helped me set up the table, took some photos for me, and even cleaned some bowls and my cutting board after I finished the demo. Thank you, Sam!

Sam and Me

a blogger and my reader, Lori Lee

yummy perilla leaf kimchi with multi-grain rice

ooh hoo hoo! It’s fun to wrap rice in this spicy leaf!

yummy! Now I know what Korean kkaennip kimchi is!

oisobagi (spicy stuffed cucumber kimchi)! “What is oi?”
“oi is cucumber and also my Thai friend’s name! ” lol

yes, yes! I love kkaennip kimchi (perilla leaf kimchi), me, too~~

“Did u taste it?” “Yep! my stomach is on fire now!” : )
very good!!

Before and after my cooking demo, I was at the

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vegetables and fruits table on the Hotel terrace with 2 other panelists: Kian Lam Kho and Cathy Erway. We explained the name of the fruits and vegetables to those who asked and if they wanted to taste some, we helped them with it. There were all kinds of fruits like Korean melon, jack fruit, durian, and dragon fruit. There were a lot of familiar items there, but some Chinese vegetables I had never tasted. Of course I asked Cathy and Kian so

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many questions.

“What is this?” Cathy says, “yes, it is…”

Durian: the most popular fruit that people wanted to taste

Qingdao cold noodles (my number one favorite among all the dishes!)

Korean rice cake and rice cake balls (gyeongdan)

“kyaaa! Taiwanese beer tasted good!” : )

I was happy to meet my readers there. “Maangchi, can I take a photo with you? I’m your reader!”
Yay! awesome! I was going to take a photo with Cheryl Tan who was one of the New York kimchi contest judges, but I missed her.

It was great and fun day, but I was really tired when I got home. After dinner, I fell asleep until 8:00 am today! : )

I met Akira Back executive chef at Yellowtail Restaurant & Bar at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, and he gave me his book. He’s a very down-to-earth person! Once we started talking, he said, “hangukmalo haeyo?” “Let’s talk in Korean” Cool guy! : )

Jenny and me. Jenny is a culinary arts student and she also has a blog. She made rice cake soupwith my recipe and posted it on her blog.

Ravi Jolly, one of my long time readers. I actually met him last year at a festival in Brooklyn by chance which means I meet him often? : ) He loves healthy and delicious food. Ravi! I was delighted to meet you there!

James, Julie, and me! It was great meeting u guys! : )

aww! cute smile! Wonderful photo! don’t u think so?

My cute readers! : )

Lori and me

Let’s Eat In | Heritage Radio Network

Let’s Eat In with Cathy Erway

This week on Let’s Eat In Cathy hosts ethnic food fanatics Wendy Chan and Joe DiStefano to discuss the goings-on in NYC’s most

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ethnically delicious borough, Queens. The Asian Feastival is coming up, and the gang discuss why there is no better place to have it than Flushing Queens. The Feastival is a one day culinary explosion–a series of events and tastings and discussions all taking place on September 6th starting at noon. Give a listen and find out what these ethnic foodies would make for their special someone on a date. This episode was sponsored by Fairway: like no other market.

Time Out New York

This week’s food events

Stuff your face and be social.

Photograph: Robyn Lee

More than 20 Queens restaurants will be represented at this Asian food festival. In between bites from venues like Himalayan Yak, you can check out panel discussions—don’t miss blogger Cathy Erway (Not Eating Out in New York) who will offer tips on navigating Asian markets. Sheraton LaGuardia East, 135-20 39th Ave between Main and Prince Sts, Flushing, Queens ( Noon–4pm; advance $55, at the door $60.


Asian Feastival continues to strive at promoting the diverse foods and cuisines from Asia through experience and education. Currently, plans are under way for a more involved campaign and events in 2012.

Our decision is to focus our efforts on producing something that presents greatest value, meaning and impact, collaborating with strategic partners.

If you're interested in sharing your ideas, please contact us.

Please stay tuned, and deeply appreciate your continued interest and support of Asian Feastival.